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Lumenositor Projectors are Multiple beam projecting lumenairs that divide light from a single bulb into two, four, six or more concentrated light beams. Each beam can be aimed to specific destinations. In addition each beam can be modified in terms of beam spread, color and image projection capability. Custom fabricated Lumenositor Projectors are available for any application.

Lumenositor Projected Images

The Zen Water mural 10’ X30’ is projected from 7, 4-beam Luminositor Projectors creating 28 overlapping etched glass images.

Fiber Optic Illumination

This fiber optic star ceiling uses 8, 4-beam Luminositor Projectors, light conveyance tubing and fiber optics to produce 10,000 brilliant points of light.

Celebrity Condominium

An 8-beam computer controlled Luminositor Projector, each beam is irised and color variable.

Disk Chandelier

Photographed in Artech’s studio, is a single 6-beam Luminositor Projector projecting columns of light onto spiral cascading disks of frosted glass.

Light Trompe L’oeil

Tripod mounted Lumenositor Projectors project stained glass images of art deco inspired clouds and stars.

Light Grids

The Xenergy Light Grid ceiling uses 4, 4-beam Lumenositor Projectors to illuminate 16 varying types of efficient, decorative illuminating light tubes; and a radial beam projector at its center.

Corporate Atrium Chandeliers

Chains of 4, 4-beam Luminositor Projectors suspended by aircraft cable provide general and accent lighting plus projected numerals on each floor.

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